What we do is offer a full range of services

We cover various areas...


Bespoke racking

Drive in racking designed to accommodate large FIBCs/pallets where either product instability or physical properties forbid safe stacking!

Secure premises

All warehousing is stored at secure premises in Ellesmere Port. Warehousing products range from tiny tins to enormous FIBCs, from small individual boxes to cardboard octabins.

On site packing

Liquids and solids are packed on site into alternative packaging with onsite compressors allowing easy packing of liquids.


Worldwide distribution

Our ISO system dictates over 90% of our UK traffic is dealt with using our own vehicles which ensures peace of mind and you to concentrate on your own business needs.

Details on demand

Do you need PODs asap or would you rather we store them and send them only when required? Our systems are strict but well planned to ensure you get the details you need on demand.

Your identity on the move

Crutchley's are happy to offer vehicle livery for our customers. This creates a continuous, cost effective way of advertising.


Purpose built premises

Designed to be easily expandable the depot boasts its own workshops, a large warehouse and a plentiful office block including the traffic control office.

Hands on owners

The owners are found in the traffic office and are involved hands on in all aspects of Crutchley’s busy daily lifestyle.

Keeping an eye on things

The site is protected by extensive off site monitoring, CCTV and alarm systems. Vehicles are monitored by GPS tracking.

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